Our Story

Our family loves red wine and the beach. However, this combination doesn’t match on a sunny beach day. There’s a need for something refreshing yet sophisticated. Champagne may be an option but it’s a little bitter. On the Beach Sangría is the missing piece of the puzzle to satisfy this need. This blend of red wine and Caribbean sexy flavors is the perfect drink to bring that turquoise water white sand beach with beautiful palms relaxing vibes type of feeling into every day. Only love, and ice needed. A hammock and cool music will also be nice. Now just relax and enjoy the exquisite experience. Cheers!



On the Beach Sangría, under Bou Plaza LLC, is dedicated to delivering a top quality sophisticated and delicious drink that will transform your day into a perfect relaxing beach vibes type of day. 


To make On the Beach Sangria the ESSENTIAL refreshing exquisite fun drink that will transform any day into a perfect beach day and any place into your favorite relaxing happy place.